I am probably one of the best know photographer in Maryland at this time.   Does that mean I am the best photographer in Maryland?  No.  I have done things for years that have affected a lot of people.  I have to date done 36 books.  In 1983, I created the first full-color book on Baltimore.  In 1986, I created the first full-color book on Maryland and in 1987, I produced the first full color book on Annapolis.  I have been privileged to be interviewed on all five TV stations in Baltimore numerous times.   I have been interviewed on radio stations numerous times.  In 1984, I had a full page in the Sun on my book.   In 2000, MPT did a movie called “Images Of Maryland 1900 to 2000” and choose me as one of six important photographer in that century.  It has been a good an action-packed couple of decades.

The three points of my business have been assignment photography, which I was paid $1,500 to $3,000 a day to shoot.  We all “shot” photography till 9-11.  I also sold stock photography, which is the sale of existing images for publication.  I was a member of The Image Bank (TIB)  in New York.  TIB was and elite group of 100 and then 500 of the best photographer in the world.  It had people like Jay Maisel, Pete Turner, Nancy Brown, Eric Meola and Roger Miller.  I was lucky to get in!  I did sell a lot of stock images with them.  I also had my books.  In the 1980’s I was a regional leader in book sales.